Friday, June 26, 2015

Swan Lake

Yesterday was a travel day on this little road trip we are on.  We are now at NCW's north woods B&B.  Supper last night was three plates (two too many) at the Chinese buffet in Hibbing.  Later Jimi and the Grands were joined by the Pster in the building of a fire in the fire pit at the shore.  It is still mosquito season here, and the hum of their swarms was a little unnerving.  We were rewarded with the sounds of loons, and the smoke kept the mosquitoes at bay somewhat.  As did Deep Woods Off.  It was good family time.  The young 'uns are sleeping in this morning for the first time on this trip, and we plan to spend a few more days here before heading back across the big lake.  The photo is from the deck this morning.  This is nice.

This is a photo taken by the girl grandchild.   Lovely child, with my sense of humor.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yellow Lake and Yellow River

OSLO put several photos on her Facebook page.  I have a few too,  mostly similar.   We spent a lot of time yesterday at the old farm,  had lunch at the Yellow Lake Lodge,  visited the old bridge,  made a short stop at the Yellow Lake Lutheran Church,  and took a potted plant to the cemetery to replace one that Jimi put on Dad's grave last month that got eaten by deer.  The Grands continue to find Wisconsin ways quite entertaining.   We have not been to a meat raffle yet, but the Yellow Lake Lodge has them every Saturday.

And one more for fun....
Who doesn't like the sound of mac and cheese pizza?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We spent yesterday afternoon showing the younger generation where their roots are.  At least the Norwegian and Swedish ones.  The old Oakland cemetery was last, just before sunset.  The swarms of dragonflies just added to the charm.  Today we hope to visit the old farm and the church at Yellow Lake.

In the breakfast area this morning.

Monday, June 22, 2015


There is a charming little town about 90 miles north of home where the only coal burning car ferry in the US has its home port.  One of my former students runs an ice cream factory there -- think Hard Rock Cafe ice cream -- and we stopped in their cafe (House of Flavors. )

Monday, February 16, 2015


Since TT expressed some curiosity about the Bluetooth keyboard, I thought that I would get in a little more practice blogging with it and show a couple of photos.

I am using my laptop for scale here.  The first one gives you some idea of the keyboard's size when in use.  The second one shows its size when it is folded in half, sitting on top of its carrying case next to its charging cable.  It takes some getting used to -- the center hinge makes it flexible.  I wouldn't want to write the great American novel on it, but I think it will work just fine for its intended purpose.... blogging and emails when away from my computer.  It weights next to nothing, and now there is no need to lug my heavy computer everywhere I go.  And yes, a tablet would accomplish that too, of course.  But I already had the smart phone and this particular keyboard was a very inexpensive accessory.  (Posted from my phone.)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Toy

This is another experiment in blogging from my phone, or "device" to be more accurate. The phone came with Bluetooth, and I had nothing of that sort. I wondered if a Bluetooth keyboard, available on Amazon, might make blogging from my phone a little easier. Short version of the story is that I ordered it and it came this morning. Then I needed some new photos on my phone (one new thing at a time), so I took a bike ride. These photos are from that ride.

This is enough for now, but it seems to be okay.  I just noticed that the last time I posted here it was a nearly identical photo -- Kiwanis Park.  The second one is the view from the Midway bridge.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kiwanis Park

This is a little embarrassing.  The previous post lost its photo.  I casually deleted it from Google Plus, and now it is gone from the blog, too.  I really should have known that.

It was time to update this blog anyway.  So here's my second favorite sign.  (The first favorite is "Road Ends", of course.)